Inner Voice Coaching Session

Maybe you’ve heard Jess Lively talk about “writing to your intuition” and “Inner Voice sessions” and tried it yourself, but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right. Maybe you’ve had strong gut feelings before, but they’re random and inconsistent. Maybe you think you have no Inner Voice at all.

You keep feeling nudged to connect to your Inner Voice and strengthen your intuition. You’re just not sure if you’re actually hearing your Inner Voice or if what you’re sensing is real intuitive guidance.

I’ll help you amplify your Inner Voice so you can differentiate it from the mind and tap into its wisdom. We’ll dive deep for intuitive guidance on career, health, relationships, and any other topics your Inner Voice guides us towards.

Sessions will be held on Zoom, and recorded so that you can listen back to your Inner Voice wisdom any time.

I knew this voice was there and, thanks to this session, now I know exactly where to find it.

Schedule an Inner Voice Coaching Session

Having an Inner Voice session with Julia is like having coffee with a friend. She has a unique ability to bring comfort into the conversation no matter what the topic. She will guide you with care every step of the way.