Hi, I’m Julia, your Inner Voice facilitator.

Inner Voice Facilitator

As a child, you instinctively knew what felt good, what didn’t, and what you wanted to do next. You were full of freedom and joy.

As you grew up, fears, doubts, obligations, and other thoughts got in the way. You started worrying instead of enjoying the present.

That intuitive part of you still exists. It knows how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. All you have to do is follow its guidance.

As an Inner Voice facilitator, I help you strengthen your intuition so you can live with freedom, clarity and joy.

Having an Inner Voice session with Julia is like having coffee with a friend. She has a unique ability to bring comfort into the conversation no matter what the topic. She will guide you with care every step of the way.

Inner Voice Sessions


Trapped emotions can leave you feeling disconnected from your Inner Voice. Identify any stuck emotions that are bobbing up to the surface, and release them in a safe and supported way.


Dive deep into your Inner Voice for intuitive guidance on all of life’s major topics. We’ll cover career, health, relationships, and any other topics your intuition guides us towards.

Such an eye-opening experience. This not only demonstrated but convinced me that my mind’s thoughts aren’t really mine at all. My voice is within.